Camping Hotel Bologna - Club del sole

The rules of the Camping Hotel Bologna

Art. 1 – Admittance to the Centro Turistico Città di Bologna entails the acceptance of and full compliance with the following Rules and Regulations, which may be supplemented with additional rules which Management deems fit to enforce, in order to run the camping site better.

Art. 2 – Upon arrival, guests must submit a VALID ID card, as per registration required by law. Adults will be fully responsible for their statements regarding the identity of underage children under their supervision unprovided with documents.

Art. 3 – Management reserves, at any time, to deny admittance – either to the camping ground or to the bungalows – to undesired persons or persons in excess. The maximum period of stay at the camping site, unless otherwise authorised by Management, is 3 days. The stay inside the camping ground or in bungalows is exclusively reserved to tourists or business people; any other use (i.e. residential) is not allowed.

Art. 4 – No visitors are allowed in without prior authorisation by Management and prior to submitting an ID card.

Art. 5   – For reservations during tradeshows (see the official Fiera di Bologna calendar) the Customer can cancel the reservation

-up until 30 days with 20% penalty for administrative costs,

– from 29 days to 15 days before with  50% penalty,

– from 14 days to your arrival 100 % penalty.

During other periods the Customer can cancel the reservation

– up until 96 hours before arrival without penalty,

– from 96 hours to 48 hours  with 50% penalty,

– after 48 hours with 100 % penalty.

-The reservation fully prepaid are ALWAYS NOT REFUNDABLE

Art. 6 – Guests must conform to the rules of propriety and morality and must abide by the rules in force on hygiene, circulation and public safety.

Art. 7 -No pets are allowed inside the lodgings or trailers. Pets such as dogs or cats are allowed in the camping pits only. Dogs must always be kept on leash. The owner of the dog will be fully responsible for any damage caused by his pet. Owners must exhibit an up-to-date international vaccination certificate of their dog.

Art. 8 – The staff in charge of reception will choose the camping pits. Any change must be authorised in advance.

Art. 9 – For the benefit of all guests, cars must be used the least possible. If necessary, cars are invited to proceed at walking pace, at a maximum speed of 10 km/hour. No vehicles are to circulate from 11.30 p.m. to 6,45 a.m.; during Quiet Time, loud noise or other nuisance, chanting and so forth will not be tolerated. Exceptions to vehicle circulation time during trade fair periods may be authorised.

Art. 10 -No hole or pit digging around the tents or trailers is allowed

Art. 11 – The cleaning of the camping site, in particular of the lavatories, is especially attended to. Co-operation from guests, however, is required. Basins, sinks and wash-basins must be used as per instructions. Chemical toilets and buckets that must be kept under the trailers, must be emptied in the proper drainage located near the lavatories.

Art. 12 – Electric energy for the camping pits is reserved for lighting purposes only and for low-power equipment. Stoves, cookers, water heaters and so forth are not allowed.

Art. 13 – Valuables, cameras, video cameras, telephones, moneys, foreign currency, cheques, credit cards, documents and so forth, may be deposited in the safe deposit boxes available free of charge at the offices. Management reserves not to accept dangerous and/or bulky objects, and/or items of excessive value (necklaces, rings, gold bracelets and bracelets set with precious stones).

Art. 14  – Check-out time is by 12 a.m. (11 a.m. in the lodgings). An additional nightly fee will be applied for stay-overs.

Art. 15 – Upon violation of any of the foregoing rules, Management shall be forced to take the appropriate steps, up to the immediate expulsion of violators from the camp ground.