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fair (day)

Bologna (BO)
fair (day)
Temperature: 25° C
Humidity: 65 %


19/07/2014 - New way for Road work
From July 21 to August 8 for road works will not be able to access via Stalingrado is recommended for vehicles coming from the highway exit at Bologna Fiera and follow the signs. For all those from Via Stalingrad to turn in via del Gomito and to via Cadriano, and follow the signs
1 bed Gemengde Slaapzalen
 1 Bed in Bungalow 4 beddden , privaat sanitair,haar drogers, air conditioning,Tv,linnen inbegrepen, handoekken te huur.  € 30 borg voor de sleutel


Il Centro Turistico Città di Bologna heeft de belangrijkste kwaliteitscertificaten


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