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fair (night)

Bologna (BO)
fair (night)
Temperature: 07° C
Humidity: 57 %


01/04/2014 - Easter special offer
Easter in Bologna Special offer:
from 18 april to 21 april
Chalet for 2 persons 36€ per night
Bungalow for 4 persons 69€ per night
You are free to choose your campsite in a secluded corner or near the bathrooms. Each site is equipped with a max 6 ah electrical connection. The use of electricity and hot showers is included in the price of the site. The use of the washing machines and thehot-air dryers are charged separately. Campers are free to avail of the camper transport service.

Pets are welcome in the campground.


The Centro Turistico città di Bologna has the most important quality certifications


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